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MHCC (Thomson Street, Suva, Viti Levu) – “the “MH” in MHCC stands for Morris Hedstrom, a Fiji-based retailer that’s been around since 1868 (mushrooming since then into a chain of supermarkets and variety stores). Located in downtown suva, this mall has various retailers covering everything from apparel to electronics, toys, and even automobiles. There’s also […]



CAR RENTALS – the following car rental agencies operate in Suva: Axis Rental: +679 966 5164 Central Rentals: +679 999 3787 Coastal: +679 777 8516 Freedom Rentals Ltd.: +679 999 6013 Go Easy Rentals: +679 809 5857 Pacific Tours Rental Car: +679 942 1110 Rajs Car Hire Services: +679 999 3798


About Fiji

Fiji, a country in the South Pacific, is an archipelago of more than 300 islands. Historians note that Fiji was originally settled by Austronesians and later by Melanesians, with some Polynesian influences. The first European contact with Fiji was during the 17th century (when Dutch explorer Abel Tasman came across the islands during his voyage […]


Bilo Gun Batteries / Bunkers

Bilo Gun Batteries / Bunkers (Lami, Fiji Island) — an important part of the Fiji Defence Force during this time was the Bilo Battery Gun Site. The Bilo Battery, located at Lami (in the outskirts of Suva) was constructed in January of 1941 to defend Suva Harbour from any Japanese military attacks. The Bilo Battery […]


Albert Park

Albert Park (Victoria Parade, Suva) – it was named after Prince Albert, the Consort of Queen Victoria of Great Britain, to whom the country was ceded to in 1874. It was originally constructed as a cricket ground back in the 1880s. It has since hosted sporting events, national celebrations, visiting dignitaries, and was even the […]


Beach Cocomo Vakacegu

Beach Cocomo Vakacegu (Lot 1, Navoto Sovi Bay, Sigatoka, Viti Levu) — this quaint cafe offers delicious food and quality service to its diners. Meals are prepared at this restaurant using traditional earth oven-cooking method named, lovo in local Fijian traditions. If you are craving for traditional Fijian specialties, then this café is a great […]